Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions
Provides The Best Entertainment Around!!

event entertainment

The crowd really enjoyed themselves!

 “Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions is a event band that always  brings the party! They are one of the big  favorites for our  downtown Greeley Friday Fest Series. People came out early to  stake out their spots! Thats why we choose the Mr. J & the  Smooth Expressions for our event entertainment year after  year”
 Allison- Greeley Friday Fest

 “I received many ”thumbs up” from our merchants and staff on  Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions, the event entertainment for  the Winter Park Chili Cook Off. Everybody  loved them. I will be  looking at bringing this event band back as soon as I can!”
 Phuong T. Cronin
                                                                                                Commercial Asset & Village Company Manager


event entertainment

These guys had the time of there life with Mr. J and the Smooth Expressions!!

Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions have played for festivals up to 10,000 people,  providing live event entertainment and dance music to the masses.  Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions are well known party band in the event entertainment industry. With over 500 festivals under their belt and millions of smiles.  When you book Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions you get a high energy party band. These guys dance, play all the popular hits from the 60’s to today, they come dressed in cool color schemes that make them a stand out group. If you are looking for a great corporate band, wedding band or a main event band, then look no farther than Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions!!! But wait!  Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions can transform in to the 18 piece Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra. With so many options, why wait.

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