Is it close to 12 o’clock?

Then this tutorial will not do you much good. Hopefully you have already researched enough literature so that you can put together your master’s thesis. We hope you are creative enough to be able to build 50% of your diploma thesis from tables and illustrations. Maybe you’re one of those geniuses who write 50 pages of bachelor thesis right out of your head; then you are probably studying philosophy? Or is a freethinker who does not need to reflect on the “state of research”, one who relies entirely on his own ideas? So it will be enough if you start three minutes to 12. Then your diploma thesis is just a pebble on the way to big things anyway.

Everyone else is advised to start organizing work as soon as possible. The more you motivate, the easier it will be for you to work. Motivate yourself positively: Imagine again and again what it will be like to hold the diploma or the master’s certificate in your hands.

Anyway, you will need your imagination. What you do not have to imagine – the more accurate your ideas are before you write the text, the better your text will end up.

What is meant by organization? That you proceed in a planned and structured manner. How you do that, you should consider yourself. Perhaps you are looking for a place where you work mainly for your text, such as a single cabin in the library of your choice. They need places, a place to work, a place to think, a place to relax. The same music that keeps you coming back to work. And you set times when you work and times when you do not consciously work and relax. If you want to write a scientific paper successfully, then you need a rhythm.

The organization also includes the organization of your materials. Do you have a typewriter? Better would be perhaps a computer with a word processor and Internet access. Enough paper for brainstorming and notes. You should have all the important tools at hand when you need them.

Always remember: The outer order will affect your interior. And that in turn to the “tidiness” of your scientific thesis.

Let’s be honest. You will not create a detailed work plan. Anyone who does that is not afraid to be called pedantic. Schedule? Nonsense! Immediately you have to start! By reading this online book, you have already started. Of course you should be able to estimate how long you will need for individual work steps such as research, writing and editing. But more importantly, you develop detailed ideas in your mind. A mental map.

If you are not working directly on the text or your literature, think about it, explore your interior, your idea, your knowledge. Imagine, as pictorially as possible, the next steps in how you do them, imagine how to write a single sentence, how to get up the next morning to keep working, how to finally grasp a particular idea.

And above all, imagine again and again: how well you will feel after you have received your degree certificate.

Tip: So that the Aufschieberitis you can not pack so much on the little baby, do not tell yourself: I have to write a master’s thesis. But: I will write a scientific book. Do not say: I have to write a term paper. But: I will write a scientific essay.